TRE-D Eng. was founded in 1985 by Romano Di Pillo, known worldwide in both the professional  tv-movie and photographic industries.

The day to day business is jointly managed by his two sons.  Marco Di Pillo is responsible for administration while Gianluca Di Pillo is responsible for all corporate commercial and marketing activities.

Located in Pavona (Rome), Italy, an industrial area, the company owned facility and factory (3.500 sqm) employs highly qualified professional staff and technicians with over 30 years of experience in their respective fields.

For over 30 years, TRE-D has been fully involved in designing and manufacturing equipment entirely MADE IN ITALY as follows:

  • Professional lighting equipment systems of latest generation, widely adopted in the photo-movie-tv-video industries, using fluorescent, tungsten and discharge sources, powered either from mains and from ion-lithium battery.
    Worldwide exclusive TRE-D product includes:
    Fluorescent lighting units version, working either from mains and from battery, patented and worldwide exclusive of the company, as well as version operated through radio frequency remote control.
  • Portable lighting kits.
  • Ceiling suspension systems with pantographs, either manually or motorized operated by radio frequency, for top level installations in photographic, tv, movie and theatre studios.
  • The widest range in the world of top quality stands for any lighting unit or grip (Beta, Delta, Gamma, Cyclope and Hercules series).
  • Both Gamma Speedy Stand and Delta Speedy Stand (automatic legs opening/folding system) are patended and TRE-D exclusives.
  • Background supporting systems, both manually and motorized operated by radio frequency.
  • Professional still-life tables for photographic applications.
  • Boom arms, clamps, arms, spigots, butterfly frames, Telepoles and a large range of accessories required from photo-cine-video markets.
  • Diffusing and reflecting equipment for lighting control.
  • Cotton, canvas and aerographed backgrounds.
  • Photo/video tripods.
  • Photo/video heads.

TRE-D has immediately switched and up-dated from the analog world to the new digital world, designing and realizing a purposely made new range of professional lighting units and items connected to the photo-cine-tv markets, entirely Made in Italy and employing professional Italian staff.

Technical specifications of all products as well as all components (mechanical and electronic) respond to absolute top quality.

All products have an extremely long life due to constant attention paid to production quality, using the best raw materials coupled with the adoption and implementation of the best painting, galvanizing and anodizing systems, in strict accordance with all safety specifications standards  requested and demanded by professionals worldwide

TRE-D presently distributes through a network of exclusive distributors or individual importers in 43 overseas countries, contributing to the diffusion of our best power: the product MADE IN ITALY outlining the message of quality, innovation and cooperation with  end users.

All of the above has allowed the company to obtain important results and big prestige in the layout of worldwide photo-cine-tv markets: fluorescent lighting units denominated FLUO  have equipped tv studios of important worldwide tv networks.

For many years, many national tv networks such as RAI and Mediaset in Italy, Zdf in Germany, Nhk in Japan, and many tv studios in the UAE and in eastern European countries have daily used  lighting units, stands, grips and accessories from TRE-D.

In 2005 TRE-D received two important awards from the Italian regional government certifying “Technological Innovation”: the first for the new range of fluorescent lighting units operated by battery/mains, the second for the new range of fluorescent lighting units dimmable and adjustable by using a radio frequency remote control.

In 2007 TRE-D won a huge tender (open to all the biggest manufacturers in the world in our field) issued by German government for a supply of thousands of stainless steel stands, manufactured to technical specifications as requested from the buyer for the purpose of operating in the harshest and worst possible conditions.
TRE-D received a fantastic appreciation from German authorities for the excellent products “typical of a high level of specialization”.