Mod. 512 KIT Variled 12

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KIT includes

1 Led lighting unit VARILED 12  Mod. 512
1 Lithium-ion battery group (3/8” terminal thread)  Mod. 512.100
1 Battery charger  Mod. 512.200
1 Foamed carrying bag  Mod. 512.300


High efficiency led lighting unit with dissipation wings housing in die-casting aluminium.
Lighting equivalent to 100w filament bulb.
Wide angle 50°.
Colour temperature: 5600°k.
Battery power: 10-16 Vdc
Constant current led control.
Lithium-ion battery.
Battery charging control.
Performance: 95% full load
Adjustable lighting (dimming).
Battery life: 2,5 hours at maximum lighting

Market destination

Professional photo and video

Photometric diagrams


Dimming function

With the purpose to match lighting emission to the needs of customers, a rotating potentiometer is fitted to adjust such a need reducing lighting emission practically to zero lighting with an excellent continuity solution.
A switch, located on rear side of unit, allows to turn off completely also the electronic dimming system avoiding useless current consumption.

Thermal optimization

With the purpose to find the right compromise between mechanical dimensions of led lighting unit and the working temperature, the lighting emission has been optimized by maximizing the emission by photometric measurements in darkroom.

Battery optimization

To reach the longest life of battery, Variled 12 is using lithium-ion battery.
To guarantee a correct working of battery, battery charge is constantly monitored.
A warning led located near the potentiometer is indicating the various battery charge levels as follows:

  • Green = battery fully charged
  • Orange = battery under discharge
  • Flashing orange = battery almost completely discharged
  • Red = battery discharged


Various accessories are available for Variled 12

  • Rapid mount two-leaf barndoor Mod. 512.400
  • Filter holder (screw mount) + Conversion filter 5600°k to 3200°k + Diffusion filter Mod. 512.500
  • Adapter group with electronic circuit to use led unit from 220v mains or video camera Mod. 512MAINS

Dimensions and weights

Led unit dimensions:
Diam. mm. 80
Thickness mm. 60.
Battery dimensions:
Diam. mm. 50
Height mm. 130.
Led unit weight: kg. 0,390
Battery weight: Kg. 0,500
Working temperature: -10° to + 50°variled_con_paraluce

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