Mod. 515 Lightled 100

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New led lighting “LIGHTLED 100″ with three lighting levels, with cooling fan, absorbing just 100w and emitting out 800w equivalent to halogen bulb.
Cool light (5600°k), long life (10000 ore), flicker-free.
Unlike the other led panels which have many dots of led and cause step shadows, creating troubles to photo-video works,
LIGHTLED 100 has a new designed glass diffuser turning the dotted light to a light pattern similar to a single light bulb and intensifies the light by a parabolic reflector.
Glass diffuser is removable for point light source effect.
Complete with diffusing veil.
Complete with super-fast swivel.
Complete with umbrella attachment.
Complete with 16 mm socket for mounting on stands or whatever equipment.


  • Abs and metal casing.
  • Brightness equivalent to 800w halogen.
  • Lux: 11000/m.
  • Lighting adjustable by a three position dimmer included (1/3 of power, 1/2 of power, full power).
  • Cooling fan: enclosed.
  • Noise level: undetectable.
  • Optical reflector: 40° (65° reflector available on request).
  • Colour temperature: 5600°k.
  • Led life: 10000 ore.
  • Voltage range: 110v to 230v.
  • Dimensions: cm. 28x12x12.
  • logo_pesoWeight: kg. 2

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