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Last generation of cine/photo/video led lighting: the new and exclusive VARILED 1000 with SMD led and incorporated dimmer.
More lighting intensity with much less power consumption comparing to common led lights.
Equipped with very new and exclusive SMD led in order to build CRI of 95 for cine/photo/video market, our VARILED 1000 has a
light beam of 120° for more light coverage and works at high frequency (flicker-free).
It is completely designed and manufactured in Europe and has a warranty of 2 years.
Three versions available:

  • VARILED 1000 Cool light Mod. 501C
  • VARILED 1000 Warmlight Mod. 501W
  • VARILED 1000 Bicolor Mod. 501B

Powered by mains through its cable (included) or by battery through 4pin cable with XLR connector (optional).
VARILED has a voltage 100-240V, 7-16DC so to use all kind of professional batteries such as 14.8V V-lock and G lock batteries,
7.2V NP-F battery and all kinds of 12V input sources.
It is lightweight and portable (weighs less than half of the common led panels), manufactured with Italian aluminium for a very long
Exclusive feature of VARILED is our patent: dimmer with POWER BOOST.
Dimmer with POWER BOOST has a switch for an extra lighting intensity of 20%.
When POWER BOOST is enabled you get the most from your VARILED, when is disabled there is less power consumption and you
get more operating hours.
Perfectly silent, no need of any fan for cooling.
For more lighting efficiency we have used high quality Led PC boards with advanced electronic circuits. Extra holes on the PC board
are used for better cooling.
In order to protect the VARILED from power drops, we have used an advanced electronic circuit which, when battery voltage is
dropping, maintains the same light intensity until the battery runs out.
In terms of protection, dimmer of VARILED has an electronic circuit which protects the light from sources with opposite polarity. In
case you use source with opposite polarity the VARILED will just not power on, without resulting to any kind of led damage.
With the purpose to be easy to use, power adapters and dimmers have a ¼” thread so to be easily attached on stands, clamps or arms.


  • High quality lightweight alu housing.
  • Light output equivalent to 1000w halogen.
  • CRI = 95.
  • Power consumption: 66w or 82w with Power Boost on.


Mod. 501C Variled 1000 cool light

Lumen Lux @0,6 mt. Lux @1 mt. Lux @2 mt. Lux@3 mt. Consumption with 95wh battery
Boost on 140347 10347 3725 931 414 82 watt 1h 05min
Boost off 114538 8444 3040 760 338 66 watt 1h 30min


Mod. 501W Variled 1000 warm light

Lumen Lux @0,6 mt. Lux @1 mt. Lux @2 mt. Lux@3 mt. Consumption with 95wh battery
Boost on 126595 9333 3360 840 373 82 watt 1h 05min
Boost off 103235 7611 2740 685 304 66 watt 1h 30min


Mod. 501C Variled 1000 bicolor

Lumen Lux @0,6 mt. Lux @1 mt. Lux @2 mt. Lux@3 mt. Consumption with 95wh battery
Boost on 133376 9833 3540 885 393 82 watt 1h 05min
Boost off 109263 8056 2900 725 322 66 watt 1h 30min


  • Cable: mt. 3,50.
  • Noise level: zero.
  • Colour temperature: 5400°k – 3200°k
  • Voltage range: 100-240V, 7-16V DC input.
  • Dimensions: cm. 15,5x21x28.
  • logo_peso Weight: kg. 1,5


  • Download PDF FileOperation Manual
  • Download PDF FileBrochure
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